Rilon MIG 500I – Moduler – IGBT – ARC Welding Machine |

Powerful,Reliable,Rugged,Industrial DC MIG Welder

  • Multi functional MIG/MAG, ARC
  • Soft-arc and strong-arc, adjustable.
  • Arc-stability with low spatter.
  • Pre-set digital display
  • Wide range for input voltage:380V +- 15%
  • Advanced IGBT module technology

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Parameters Specification
Input Voltage AC380V +- 15% 3P
Input Frequency 50/60
Related Input Current MIG 37.5A ARC 38.4A
Open Circut Voltage 72V
Related Input Power MIG 24.7KVA ARC 25.3KVA
Current Range MIG 80-500A, ARC 50-500A
Duty Cycle 60%
Power Factor 0.93
Efficiency 85%
Wire-Feeding Speed 3-15m/min
Wire Feeding Mechanism External
Protection Class IP21
Wire Diameter 0.8-1.6 mm
Weight 42KG
Dimentions 670X320X640 mm