ARC 400 MOSFET |Welding Machine

Dependable???Economical???Excellent???Basic Industrial Stick Welding

  • MOSFET inverter precision constant current with feedback control , soft switch technology
  • Wide working voltage range, strong adaptability to electricity power grid, high ability of interference resistance, stable welding current & steady arc.
  • Deep welding pool, less spatter, continuous current regulation, safety & reliable for operator.
  • Compact in size and light in weight, energy saving, easy for maintenance
  • Applicable to various acid & basic welding electrodes
  • Remote Control – Optional

Categories:  GB Core ARC, Welding Equipment


Parameters Specification
Model ARC 400A
Input Supply 415V ?? 15%
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Power at Max. Current 18.2 kVA
Current Range 40-400 Amp
Open Circuit Voltage 68 V
Duty Cycle 60%
Protection Class IP 21
Weight 26.5 kg
Dimension 565 x 306 x 502,(mm)