Full Body Harness

  • A Full Body Harness must support the user in a comfortable working without restricting functions of other devices in the systems and in case of fall from height it should be distributes the impact force incurred on the body.
  • Harness is designed to minimize the risk of/ provide protection against the danger of falling from heights However, always remember that no item of PPE can provide full protection and care must always be taken while carrying out the risk relation activity.
  • The Full Body Harness should only be used in conjunction with a fall arrest system. The Lanyard should connect with Dorsal D-Ring of Full Body Harness and the other end should be connected to the anchorage point which should be situated above the user.
  • The anchorage point should have strength greater than 15 kn.
  • FERRETERRO use Polyester Material for the construction of webbing for safety Harness and Lanyards. The user does not risk of Slipping out of Harness when fall from Height because our Harness does not elongate dangerously due to Least elongation properties of Polyester as compared to the other material or synthetic Fiber.

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Choose the Right Harness
You should choose your harness/ equipment which suits according to your work.
The Dorsal D-Ring is the point to attachment to use for Fall Prevention/ Fall Arresting.
The anchorage point on the front of the Safety Harness are use as Fall arrest measures during access (Ascent using a glider on a rope, or with a system fixed to a cable or a rail) or during work on such features as inclined roof.
Less often, the anchorage points on the frontof the harness may be used for rescue, or when work is carried out in confined spaces. Work on rope is undertaken using the D-Ring or specially design Sternal D-Ring located on the abdominal area.
If the work to be carried out requires the use of a positioning Lanyard, You should choose a Harness that include a positioning belt as well as the anchorage point that are vital for fall arrest.