FERRETERRO Brand Energy Absorber made with white inner Polyamide core called TEAR WEBBING which absorbs the arresting forces or impact forces which comes on body or on Full Body Harness in the event of a Fall.
Tear Webbing is sticched with our coloured 44 mm webbing which serves as a back up.
The entire unit is covered with a transparent protective cover which helps in fast and easy visual inspection of energy absorber as well as the Lable.
The ENERGY ABSORBER reduce the impact of the Fall to < 6kN.
-The well known facts that impact force are proportional to Free Fall Distance i.e in the event of fall, A high impact force will occurs on the Human Body due to sudden stop caused by Fall Arrest systems/ Lanyards.
(Higher Free Fall Distance=Higher impact Force ).
In the event of fall, the energy absorber fritter away the kinetic energy and control the deceleration.
The tear webbing elongate through on its webbing and stitching.
Due to this action, The impact force will be in control and will be , 6kN.
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