INTIG 402 W Pulse Outfit Inverter Based MMA/TIG Welding Machine Warpp

INTIG PULSE series machines are microprocessor controlled fully Digital IGBT Inverter based arc welding power source with soft switching technology. They are widely used for DC MMA, DC TIG & DC PLUSE TIG welding in mild steel, stainless steel, copper & titanium.


  • Advanced Soft Switching inverter technology, hence more reliability.
  • Micro Controller based technology for precise setting of welding parameters
  • Under voltage, over voltage, Phase absence and over hear protection.
  • Digltal preset of all welding parameters.
  • High Efficiency, Better power factor.
  • High switching frequency, hence low volume & weight.
  • Built in high frequency.
  • 2/4 track function in TIG.
  • Can be used with extended welding cable in MMA.
  • Built in gas control solenold valve & water flow switch for torch safety.
  • ltrs.Water tank made from heat resistant PVC material.
  • Specially designed Vortex Pump with brass body.
  • Three Stage copper tube cooling radiator combined with separate High Speed fan ensures efficient heat transfer to keep the torches cool.
  • Water level indication.
  • High Speed Cooling fan for Water Circulation Unit.

Basic Outfits :

  • Power Source with built in water cooling system.
  • TIG torch mtr or mtr
  • Argon Regulator with Flow meter.
  • Cylinder Trolley.
  • Earthing cable with clamp.
  • Starter kit for TIG torch.
  • Brass Conductor Adopter

Optional Accessories :

  • Wire Remote Controller.

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Model Input Power



Duty Cycle



INTIG-402W PULSE 19.4 5~400 100% 85
Input Supply-380~440 V 3-Phase
Open Circuit Voltage -75-85V Insulation Grade-H
Efficiency at Full load(%)-89  Power Factor-0.9
Peak/ Welding Current-5-400 Up/Down slop time(sec.)0~10
Pre Gas time(Sec)-0~5 Post Gas time(sec.)-0~60
Start/Stop Current(AMP)-5-400 Base Current(Amp)5~400
Pulse frequency(hz)-0.1-99.9 Pulse Duty Cycle(%)-5-95
Tank capacity-14 litre
Pump capacity-0.16KW
Radiator type & size-255*230mm with three stage copper pipes.