INMIG 250 IH Amps MIGMAG Welding Machine
INMIG 250 IH Amps MIGMAG Welding Machine

INMIG 250 IH Amps Inverter Based MIG/MAG Welding Machine Warpp

INMIG IH Series welders are Semi – Automatic Gas Shielded Metal Arc Welding Machine. These machines employ full bridge IGBT (Module) inverter technology.


  • Full Bridge IGBT (Module) inverter technology.
  • Continuous adjustment of welding Voltage and current.
  • Digital display for voltage & current.
  • Slow start facilitates easy arc Striking.
  • Preset function for voltage & current
  • Reduced melting ball at the end of welding.
  • High operation frequency hence small size and weight.
  • High power Factor & Efficiency.
  • Compact size and light in weight.

Basic Outfits

  • Power Source, Wire Feeder, MIG Torch 3 Mtr. length, Regulator flow meter and Heater, Interconnection Cable, Earthing Cable with Clamp.

Note : Package with Scope of Supply other than above is available on request.

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Model Input Power



Power factor Weight
Volatage Range Dimensions
INMIG-250 IH 8 25-250 0.95 24 15-35 460*245*380
Input Supply-380~440 V 3-Phase 50hz supply
Efficiency at Full Load(%) -89
Open Circuit Voltage-55~65 Volts
Rated Duty Cycle -60%(40°C & 10 min Standard)
Wire Feed Speed(m/min) Torch connection EURO type
Motor Type- Print Motor Two Roll Drive
Wire Feeder Weight-10kg Efficiency at Full load(%)-89