INARC 250 IH Inverter Based MMA Welding Machine Warpp

INARC 250 IH is IGBT arc welding power source.This employs IGBT module in full bridge topology.These machines are widely used for manual metal arc welding with acid, basic electrodes.


  • IGBT Module with full bridge topology
  • Easy arc striking & stable arc
  • Digital display of current & voltage with a selector switch
  • Digital Display of Voltage
  • High power factor
  • High switching frequency, hence low volume &weight
  • Adjustable arc force
  • Can be used with extended welding cable.
  • Standard Remote facility is available.

Basic Outfits

  • Power Source with wheels

Optional Accessories

  • Wire Remote Controller.

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Parameters Specification
Model INARC-250 IH
Input Power(KVA) 9
Current Range(A) 20-250
Duty Cycle(%) 60
Weight(Kg) 22
Input Supply(v) 380-440(3-phase 50Hz supply)
Efficiency at Full load(%) 89
Power Factor 0.95
Open Circuit Voltage(V) 75-85
Ambient Temperature) 40° C
Dimension(mm) 530*270*420