(Gas Cutting Trolley)
(Gas Cutting Trolley)

Gas Cutting Trolley Warpp

These gas cutting trolley is used to perform straight and circular cuts using flame cutting torch mounted on it. The trolley is easy to use and simple to set up.


  • Aluminum die cast body for light weight
  • Stepless variation of speed by electronic control board
  • Nozzle Mix type of flame cutting torch
  • Wider wheel base makes it more stable
  • Angular adjustment of torch possible for bevel cuts
  • Long horizontal cross bar gives more flexibility for set up

Basic outfits :

  • Cutting trolley , 1.8 Meters Rail ,Circle cutting attachment

Categories: WARPP PRODUCTS, Welding Equipment


Parameters Specification
Model Cut Easy
Input Supply(v) Single phase 23 v 50hz
Cutting Thickness(mm) 6-10
Dia of Circle cutting(mm) ->250
Weight(Kg) 16
Dimension(mm) 470*230*240