MIG 250GF|Welding Machine

Adopting IGBT invertor technology, Easy Arc-Starting, Reliable and stable performance.
Closed circuit feedback, constant output of voltage, suitable for wide range of voltage (+-15%).
Controlled by electronic reactor, little spark, deep welding pool, nice welding seam.
Slow wire feeding during arc starting, remove the ball at the end of the welding wire.
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Parameters Specification
Input Power Voltage (v) 3P AC -415?? 15 %
Rated Output capacity (KW) 8.4/11.4
NO – Load Voltage 56 v
Diameter of the wire 0.8 – 1.0 mm
Output Current Adjust Range (A) 50 – 250
DUT Y CYCLE (%) 60%
Efficiency (%) 85%
No -Load POWER (W) <100W
Insulation Class F
Weight (KG) 17.5
Overall dimension (mm) 485?? 234?? 425