With regards to above lifting of weighty burdens, picking the right sort of sling is basic for both convenience and wellbeing. Slings are broadly utilized in the safe lifting and moving of different loads including pipes, building materials, or even cars.

Duplex Slings are made from twofold layers of webbing, either ended in a metal end fitting or, all the more prevalently, sewn back upon themselves with a high determination polyester texture to frame a built up Eye, which gives more noteworthy solidness than the conventional calfskin eye.

The duplex webbing slings are sewed near the eyes which are 9″ long bearing to bearing. Vast slings, in any case, are made from single-thickness webbing sewn in a nonstop circle with a cross-over.

These slings are most famous sort and reasonable for general and weighty modern lifting, since these are essentially serious areas of strength for as steel yet lightweight and deal diminished chance of injury to hand or harm to a heap with painted or precised machined surface. for example for lifting pipes with covering, tempered steel things and so on. To shield the webbing from pointless mileage, different covers are accessible, in any length, which can likewise safeguard both the sling and any delicate burdens.

What is a duplex webbing sling?

Duplex webbing slings are an integral piece of lifting equipment which are made from polyester webbing. They come handily colour-coded so that they’re easy to identify when in use, with each colour representing a different lifting capacity.

What are the 3 types of slings?

Primarily, there are three types of slings – web slings, wire rope slings, and chain slings.

Patel Associates Duplex Webbing Slings

  1. 1. Safety factor 7:1 and 5:1
    2. Available 12Ton from stock in most standard lengths
    3. Color coded for easy identification
    4. Custom made lifting solutions for non-standard applications
    5. Available with a choice of wear sleeves for added protection at the load points Hardware end fittings optional
    6. Manufactured as standard in accordance to EN 1492-1:2000 or ASME B 30.9.100% High Tenacity Polyester.
    7. Made of Double thickness of Webbing.
    8. Flat & Wide Load Bearing surface.

Where can you find Webbing Slings in Ahmedabad?

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